4th Annual Global Operational Excellence and Business Transformation Summit

About The Event

Operational Excellence manifests itself through integrated performance across revenue, cost, and risk. It focuses on meeting customer expectation through the continuous improvement of the operational processes and the culture of the organization. The goal is to develop one single, integrated enterprise level management system with the ideal flow.
The second component, a culture of Operational Discipline, is commonly described as doing the right thing, the right way, every time. This culture is built upon guiding principles of integrity, questioning attitude, always problem-solving, daily continuous improvement mindset and level of knowledge, teamwork, and process driven. This summit brings together the best and brightest individuals & organizations from across key sectors to engage, network, benchmark and discuss the key challenges and future trends within Operational Excellence, Lean, Six Sigma and Agile and its application & impact on Business Transformation, Innovation Execution, Agility, Customer Experience, Value Creation, Strategy and the very important challenges surrounding Leadership & Cultural Transformation.

Key learning points:

  • Business Improvement – Continuous Improvement – How to Stay Ahead
  • Make it Stick! Proven Best Practices to Create Lasting Improvement in Your Organization
  • Overcoming communication issues and generational gaps while working on increasingly complex project
  • Living in innovation times – how to allow the whole company to be innovative
  • Ensure Your OPEX Frameworks & Systems Are Strategically Right for Your Organization to Drive Improvements & Efficiencies.
  • Challenges of problem solving in an Industry 4.0 context

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