Annual Technological Advances in Healthcare summit

About The Event

A powerful summit discussing latest sophisticated technical equipment’s used in health care industry. This summit will be focusing on new technologies that will help specialists in their diverse fields, from enhanced precision, to optimized diagnosis by using smart systems (AI and IoMT) capable of understanding medical problems and complicated diseases; Big Data analytics and its integration into the clinical workflow. Why are we organizing the Technological Advancement in Healthcare summit?
We are passionate about bridging the gap between the digital and the human world. In an era where everything is going digital, The Summits bring all Top-level senior executives from pharmaceutical and healthcare industries across the globe together in an atmosphere where they can “talk”, debate, ask questions, express emotions, share problems, give solutions to challenges in the health care industry; and network to build powerful business relationships.

Who should attend?

  • Healthcare MD, CMO, CIOs, CMIOs and CTOs
  • Heads, VPs, Managers and Directors at Hospitals and Healthcare Industries
  • Doctors, and other healthcare professionals – Medical Device professionals
  • Pharmaceutical professionals
  • Bioinformatics
  • Medical Consultants
  • Biostatistician
  • Medical Device professionals
  • Bio Data Analysis

Key learning points:

  • Clinical strategies for innovative medical devices and drug-device
  • Navigating AI based products through the regulatory maze medical solutions
  • Internet of Medical Things for Healthcare (IoMT)
  • Technology in Healthcare Delivery (including AI and Machine Learning)
  • Exploring the State of the Industry-Present &Future of Technology in Healthcare
  • Advanced cognitive computers in health care system
  • Big Data, Centralized Monitoring of Hospital Patients
  • Precision medicine in the treatment of diabetes


Kurfürstendamm Hotel, Berlin, Germany

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