Innovate Health Summit 2.0

About The Event

Innovate Health is a unique platform for joining up stakeholders across the digital health value chain, showcasing exciting innovations and provoking discussion on how to promote the development and commercialization of digital health innovations. It will bring together healthcare professionals, startups & entrepreneurs, health tech specialists, innovation leaders, government stakeholders, regulators and business leaders for thought leadership, networking and productive discussion.

The Event Will:

  • Facilitate networking between clinicians, industry leaders, investors, government and startups
  • Discuss real problems faced by the health industry and explore how digital health solutions might help address these challenges
  • Offer the opportunity for clinicians, industry, government and innovators to have real discussions about their needs, challenges and opportunities for collaboration
  • Discuss how to tackle the barriers and opportunities with developing evidence based digital health solutions and effective commercialization of these innovations
  • Offer insight from best practice digital health success stories which are truly having a positive impact on healthcare, health outcomes and satisfying the needs of clinicians and consumers
  • Provide a great platform for startups and innovators to showcase themselves in front of an audience of clinicians, potential industry partners and investors
  • Promote earlier clinician consultation, validation and buy-in for innovations, digital technologies and emerging startup solutions
  • Build and grow a network/community of digital health startups, clinicians, investors and industry leaders

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